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Discover a tailored range of services to optimize your electric biking experience. From essential maintenance and tune-ups to a variety of electric bike accessories, battery services, customization options, and expert repair solutions, we’re here to keep you riding smoothly and confidently. Explore how our services can enhance your journey on two wheels.


Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Keep your electric bike in peak condition with regular maintenance and professional tune-ups

Electric Bike Accessories:

Enhance your ride with a selection of high-quality accessories designed for comfort, convenience, and style.

Repair Services

Trust our skilled technicians to diagnose and repair any issues swiftly and effectively, ensuring minimal downtime

Our Services & Offers


Maintenance and Tune-Ups - 100$

Regular Maintenance Package: Includes comprehensive inspections of motor, brakes, gears, and suspension systems, along with cleaning and lubrication.

Tune-Up Service: Fine-tuning of motor performance, brake pad replacement, gear indexing, and suspension adjustments.


Battery Services - 30$

  • Battery Diagnostics: Full diagnostic test for battery health and performance assessment. Price: $20 for diagnostics.
  • Battery Replacement and Inspection: Replacement of batteries and inspection of charging systems.

Customization and Upgrades - 120$

Customization and Upgrades:

  • Aesthetic Customizations: Custom paint jobs, decals, and personalized accessories. Price: Customization packages starting from $120.
  • Functional Upgrades: Installation of upgraded brakes, lights, and gearing systems. Price: Costs vary; inquire for specific quotes.

Repair Services - 20$


  • Diagnostic and Repair: Diagnosis and repair of electrical and mechanical issues. On-site repair or workshop options available. Price: $15 per hour + cost of parts.
  • Workshop Repair: Workshop sessions for extensive repairs with expert guidance. Price: Varies based on service needed.

Consultation and Buying Advice

  • Electric Bike Consultation: Personalized consultations to match bike features with customer needs. Price: Free consultation.
  • Buying Advice Service: Detailed analysis and recommendations for electric bike selection. Price: $12 per session; deductible from purchase.

Safety Checks and Inspections:

  • Comprehensive Safety Inspection: Thorough evaluation of bike components for safety compliance. Price: $20 per inspection.
  • Pre-Ride Safety Evaluation: Evaluation of bike condition before planned rides. Price: Included with maintenance package or $17 standalone.

eBike Detailing and Car Wash

eBike Detailing and Car Wash:

  • eBike Detailing: Professional cleaning and detailing services to maintain aesthetics and performance. Price: Starting from $25.
  • Car Wash: Waterless and eco-friendly car wash services for electric bikes. Price: Starting from $20.

What To Expect

Discover an all-encompassing resource for electric bike enthusiasts on our website. Expect comprehensive guidance on maintenance and tune-ups to keep your electric bike in prime condition, alongside expert advice for battery diagnostics and replacements. Explore options for customizing your bike with aesthetic enhancements and functional upgrades, supported by detailed repair services for any mechanical or electrical issues. Our site offers insightful consultations to assist in choosing the perfect electric bike, coupled with thorough safety checks and community-focused events. Embrace eco-friendly practices through our resources and participate in workshops to enhance your riding experience. Whether you’re new to electric biking or a seasoned enthusiast, find everything you need to enjoy and maintain your electric bike effectively on our platform.


Explore our full range of electric bike services by clicking below. From maintenance and customization to expert repairs and safety checks, discover how we can enhance your riding experience with quality care and personalized solutions.

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